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Geneology: 1821 William Bowe marries Florence "Flora" Urquhart



__ Bowe, judge, b. 1700s.

Michael Bowe, lawyer, married Ann Christopher/Catherine (?) Carroll. They had William Bowe, b. ?.

1821 William Bowe marries Florence "Flora" Urquhart (1797-1831) in Digby, Nova Scotia. They had 5 children.

"One account is that he went to see his cousin Timothy Bowe, of Kilkenny, Ireland, sail for America and the ship also sailed with William Bowe. They said William had on at this time his father’s watch and seal ring. The seal of the ring was a 'Running Greyhound or Fox'. Timothy Bowe became a merchant tailor in Halifax and left his money to the Catholic Church. William Bowe was always supposed to have been an Episcopalian.

"The other legend is that, owing to religious persecution and the part in which William was implicated, he had to flee the country and landed at Halifax, barefooted. It is creditably known that his family sent him boxes of fine clothing. In this legend he is supposed to have been accompanied by a friend named Brennan.

"The most common belief is that the family is from Kilkenny.

"He then 'married' (probably a common law marriage because we can't find a record) a young girl - probably 14 or 15 years old - who had been helping him care for Flora - named Sarah Johnson or Johnston and had 14 more children with her. I am from the 8th child (the 3rd with the second wife) William who was born in 1838 in Digby, Nova Scotia.

"No one in the family has been able to find an immigration record for Will Bowe. I have tried to find a marriage between a Michael Bowe and an Ann but have not had any luck. The fifth child was Charles Fairbanks and was born in 1830 in Digby and 'was lost at sea'?"

From "Four Builders of Augusta, Georgia, 1850-1950. Bowe and Markwalter Families in Construction." -> http://jeanbowe.com/56

William Bowe (born 1795 or earlier, Ireland. Died c. 1868, Digby County, Nova Scotia)

"William Bowe's father was a lawyer and his grandfather was a judge" -- Ida Bowe Graham, oral history, 1924

Five children of William and Flora Bowe:

  • 1821 -- Michael, died age 4 years.
  • 1822 -- Robert James, died 1894, age 72, in Augusta GA.
  • 1825 -- Eleanor, died age 6 months.
  • 1828 -- Mary Ann, died New york of small pox, young adult.
  • 1830 -- Charles Fairbanks, went to sea, never heard from again.

    After Flora died, William married Sarah Johnston or Johnson.

    Fourteen more children, all lived to maturity:

  • 1832 Ann Carroll (Wm Bowe's mother was said to be named Ann Christopher Carroll)
  • 1836 Jane *
  • 1838 William *
  • 1840 Abby
  • 1842 Timothy Fairbanks *
  • 1844 Michael Ellsworth
  • 1846 Ellen *
  • 1848 Henry *
  • 1850 Joseph Rodney
  • 1852 Alexander Morrison *
  • 1854 Thomas Cuttler
  • 1856 Eugene Handy *
  • 1858 Ida Lois
  • 1860 George Johnson *

    The author of "Four Builders of Augusta" has been in contact with descendants of those with asterisk *.

    Robert James Bowe (22 July 1822, Digby Co Nova Scotia - 12 Aug 1894, Augusta GA)

    Robert James Bowe was born in a log cabin built by his father on a hillside in Nova Scotia. He was the son of William Bowe and Florence "Flora" Urquhart. He followed a brother Michael that was born the year before. Michael Bowe was thought to be the name of the paternal grandfather in Ireland. James Urquhart was the maternal grandfather. James had emegrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia in 1803, when Flora was about 5, and had settled at Broad Cove in Digby County....

    The construction company begun by R. J. Bowe in Augusta [Georgia] was continued by his son and grandson. In the 1920s their business sign read "Established 1848", the year R. J. arrived in Augusta....

    On Saturday, August 28, 1852, Robert James Bowe, now of Augusta, Georgia, and Jane Ann Hussey of Lincoln County, Maine, daughter of John and Mary "Polly" Webb Hussey were married. The ceremony was performed in Cambridgeport, Massachussetts by the Rev. William Howe, a Baptist minister....

    R. J. Bowe's two surviving children:

  • William Fairbanks Bowe (Aug 9, 1855 - Aug 25, 1932)
  • Augusta Georgia Bowe (June 4, 1858 - ?) Three children died young:
  • Anne Augusta (1853-1854)
  • Charles Fairbanks (1856-1857)
  • Robert James Jr. (1861-1862)

    William Fairbanks Bowe (Aug 9, 1855 - Aug 25, 1932)

  • Married Dorathea Auguste Markwalter on Nov 23, 1882 (d. 21 Apr 1929, age 70)
  • Child: Robert Frank, m. Lucile Efird, no children.
  • Child: William Fairbanks Bowe, Jr. (Apr 8, 1891)
  • Child: Auguste Erdman Bowe (1893), unmarried.

    William Fairbanks Bowe, Jr. (Apr 8, 1891 - 14 March 1954)

  • Married Virginia Thomas Bush
  • Child: Virginia ...
  • Three grandchildren ...
  • Five greatgrandchildren ...

    Bowe, Kilkenny, Ireland, abt 1600 - Present



    This line, according to family verbal history, has lived on the same large tract of land, at Creenkill, Gathabawn, Johnstown, (northwest Kilkenny) since about 1600. There is not a clear chain of title, since British and Irish land records have not always reflected true ownership. This Bowe family married into the Shortall family after 1850.

    "My great grandfather Mr. [James] Bowe of Creenkill married 'Briget Shortall' of Gortnamuck Gathabawn who was a decendent of the Shortall family who originally owned 5 castles and a large area of North Kilkenny which was called Shortall country (there is a book written about them). Bridget is listed as being a widow by 1903.

    Her son and my grandfather was Michael Bowe, he had three brothers, one was a priest who drowned in New Zealand reportedly trying to save a drowning man, another went to war in France and was one of the unknown soldiers killed, another apparently broke his neck when a horse reared while he was out shooting, one sister married a Fitzpatrick whose family were the rightful Lords of Ormonde under the original Irish celtic titles which were not recognised by the keepers of heraldry in Britian and have never been reinstated nor recognised since they were abolished during the British rule of Ireland, this despite the fact that the Irish Chieftan families funded the 1916 rising with a solemn promise from DeVelera that if it was successful that he would grant them back their titles, (needless to say he reneiged on his word after the free state was formed) a second sister married a Mr Gibbons, amongst his sons was Jim Gibbons the former Irish Minister for Defence (during the arms trial) and later Irish Minister for Agriculture, one sister married a Mr O' Hanrahan whose sons included two eminent Irish senior council and a solicitor, another married a Mr Seed and emigrated to New Zealand and the last married a Mr Keightly and emigrated to Australia.

    During his lifetime Michael Bowe purchased my great grandmothers (Shortalls) former home and farm at Gortnamuck to add to his own farm at Creenkill, he was a gentleman farmer who farmed a large tract of land, he primarily dealt in cattle and horses and also traded stocks and shares. We have one family of Bowe first cousins as my grandfather only had two sons, James in Gortnamuck and my late father Loughlin Sr. in Creenkill, we have no other immediate Bowe relations."


    Kilkenny Records

    Civil Parish Map

    Catholic Parishes -- Diocese of Ossory



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