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Scratch Page spoken on Saturday.

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Remark I wish I were Oscar Meyer wiener. That is what I really want to be.
Define a method wiki read action, taking W.
Push string literal empty.
Push literal word wiki.
Push argument whiskey.
Local kilo becomes string join, topple popping too, literal character/.
Local Delta becomes database lookup, field Delta, local bravo, local kilo.
Local Romeo becomes regular compile expression one.

Forever do:
local Mike becomes regular match Romeo, local Delta.
Local Zulu becomes string empty.
If local Mike:
local Alpha, local bravo, local Charlie becomes regular groups local Mike.
Push call wiki word to HTML, myself, local bravo.
Push HTML escape, Charlie.
Push local Zulu.
Local Zulu becomes string can cat, topple popping three.
Local Delta becomes local Alpha.
Finish if.
Finish forever.
Finish method.
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