A Girl Has To Dream (Train Saga poem #4)

"She can dream of three cars with her name lettered on the sides"

A Girl Has To Dream
( Please open music link in a new tab to enjoy) Country Waltz~Angelo Badalamenti

A Girl can dream about trains and wear her heart on her sleeve.
She can dream of three cars with her name lettered on the sides,
Or maybe someone to love her, as she wanders and wonders where she will sleep…
In the end, a map-less journey with no real plan, is what will  define her ride.

" she wanders and wonders where she will sleep.."

She can envision big tract homes with a sauna and swimming pool,
To feel what it would be like to be the mistress of the mansion,
To have hardwood floors that didn’t move, tiled showers and a closet full of shoes,
Instead of her hand car that made her feel sweaty, sun- burned, and quite phantom.

"...to have hardwood floors that didn't move"
People seemed to pass right through her, all who she met along the way
They hurried on to destinations somewhere far-destined and further down the tracks
The only conversation she had shared while she was moving through the days
Was with some Bedstraw penguins who seemed stiff and never answered back.

"...some Bedstraw penguins who seemed stiff."

Still traveling through Bedstraw, she found a stand with handmade steam engines,
Basic in design, costing only a coin, the advantage was they rolled on their own .
She figured her days of standing and pumping would be  coming to an end then
And pulling out her last 10L she started it up and left for towns and stations unknown.

"the advantage was they rolled on their own"

Some times a girl can have nightmares as she is riding the rails,
Castles become monsters and hallucinations change clouds into death ray beams.

"Castles become monsters..."

In those times, it’s best to find a grape arbor, sit on a post and eat sweet fruit until full,
Find a spot in Cycnia to sleep through the night,  because at the end of the day…
a girl has to dream.

"it's best to find a grape arbor..."

"Even in Cycnia a girl has to dream"

Karima Hoisan
Feb.15, 2011
Cycnia JERS Railway SL

to be continued…

*Please see my comment for slurls to some of these places

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6 Responses to A Girl Has To Dream (Train Saga poem #4)

  1. I want to comment that besides the penguins of Bedstraw I had a better conversation with a fellow traveler, Lloyd Overland whose classy three-car train crossed my path at the Zale station (see first photo) which started me dreaming in the first place.
    Here are some slurls of places mentioned:
    The first is Zale http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zale/78/200/2
    These last two are on the Joint Eastern Railway Systen (JERS)
    Bedstraw http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bedstraw/249/108/62
    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cycnia/52/76/75 Protected Railway

    Get yourself a train and explore for yourself…It’s an amazing world out there:)

  2. ooh what a long slow moving adventure you are on Karima… every valley and every crest to reveal something that your keen eye will spot where others might just pass. The vineyard is such a nice secluded find !! I hope you had some grapes to quench your thirst. Ahhh “closet full of shoes” … if i close my eyes I can see it now.

    Cant wait for the next installment.
    Toot Toot !!

    • Yes the vineyard saved my life..balanced my blood sugar, gave me anti-oxidants and a safe place to sleep for the night..you can’t ask for much more.
      When a journey is taken with no time schedules or maps..it is a surprise around every bend..I think she runs into an Aussie train not too much further down the track..Hope you
      enjoy that tale:)

  3. Ahhhh….the ancient quest. Updated! Kari does not ever rest on laurels-or grape leaves even. The mystery of her writing is….is this an impressionistic painting or collection of RL experiences? Or both? Or, neither??? Waking dreams or fever dreams? Like Melville’s great whale-ship knot-it is for us to unravel.

    Kari’s full baring of her expectations, hopes, disappointments, desires, frustrations and more make us feel like her lover….but, also warned about toying with her internal self. She is rather more like the great Tin Man than a rabbit bounding thru the vineyard. You have been warned!

    Such a wild, beautiful amazing spirit she is. Please don’t ever stop! Thanks rlh

    • Thank you Tube for your really amazing comment.
      I am so glad you are enjoying the train saga. I have decided to let the story rest a little
      because there is poetry and other amazing things in the air..
      This saga is not over by any means, but I will intersperse its tale with some other posts
      to vary the blog a bit.
      People like you make me inspired to jump back up on the rails at any moment…thank you for your continual support of my poetry.
      It means a lot.

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