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retro CPUs

static RAM, through hole






USB SPI bridge: https://github.com/pbrook/SPIBridge/blob/master/SPIBridge.ino

  • fuzix.dsk



    Drivewire Manual: https://github.com/n6il/pyDriveWire/blob/master/docs/The%20pyDriveWire%20Manual.md#ch10

    Java Grinder: http://www.mikekohn.net/micro/java_grinder.php

    Tiny Pascall for TRS-80

    I found it here: https://www.trs80stuff.net/files/disk_images/apps/

    M1_Tiny_PASCAL.zip => M1_Tiny_PASCAL.dmk

    DMK Format? http://www.classiccmp.org/cpmarchives/trs80/mirrors/www.discover-net.net/~dmkeil/coco/cocotech.htm#Technical-DMK-disks

    To decode TV Channel 3 or 4 Analog from the Color Computer 1 & 2:

  • tvsharp.zip

    That's free software (sorry the page with source code vanished) archived from this page, plus more info:

  • http://rtl-sdr.ru/page/tvsharp-analogovoe-tv-na-rtl-tjunere
  • https://www.rtl-sdr.com/analogue-tv-with-rtl-sdr/
  • https://www.rtl-sdr.com/receiving-ntsc-analogue-tv-gnu-radio/

    The author writes in Russian, Google translates:

    For the sake of expanding horizons wrote non-game for the reception of analog TV broadcasting in the dongle, based ADSB #. I do not expect that people interested in the program, but it was popular and interesting for radio amateurs. tvsharp.jpg

    Key features - shows only a black-and-white image with no sound. The maximum resolution of about 100 horizontal lines and 580 vertical. Understands standards Secam Pal - 625 lines at 50 frames per second, NTSC - 525 lines at 60 frames per second. Interlaced scan. AM modulation of the video signal.

    Basic program settings:

    [Tuner] [RTL] [Program AGC] switching AGC species. If the signal is included in the limitation of the excess gain to the inscription "Tuner gain" (gain tuner), add the word "Overload" (overload). In this case it is necessary to reduce the gain tuner or to switch to another type of AGC. AGC software for TV signal maintains optimum gain level.

    [Gain] manual gain control tuner at the disconnected AGC.

    [Frequency correction] set tuner frequency control parameters. [Roughly] - rough adjustment of the frequency tuner, is implemented in hardware. [Fine] - fine tuning is implemented in software. [The Auto correction] - single automatic coarse frequency tuning. Automatic adjustment works only with a positive signal on the horizontal sync pulses, if the weak signal adjustment works correctly.

    [Position correction] set of parameter adjustment position of the picture. [Auto] - automatic switch-on sync pulses synchronize the horizontal and vertical scanning. [The X, the Y] - manual adjustment of the position of the picture when off automatic synchronization. Frequency stability of transmitters and RTL television tuner allows you to receive a very faint television signal without synchronization on personnel and horizontal sync with manual adjustment of the image position and frequency correction. EXAMPLE receiving weak reflected from the ionosphere, TV signal with Ukraine in Scotland using this program and manual synchronization pictures. Sound received by the second receiver and TVSharp to do.

    Of course, frequency and dynamic range RTL tuners complete the reception of TV signals is not possible and more demand is not worth from the program.

  • M1_Tiny_PASCAL.dmk
  • pinterpreter.txt
  • tiny_pascal_8080_runtime.asm
  • Common_File_Formats_for_Emulated_TRS-80_Floppy_Disks.html
  • TRS-80_Emulator_v6.10_Documentation__Technical_.html
  • PC-DSK-Import-Export-VDK-80-v1.7-CLI-SOURCE-_2016__Miguel-Dutra_.zip
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