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H-TROF: The Greatest Programming Language Ever

Here's how to build the best programming language, one that will be easy to write and easy to read.

Let's start with some hard-to-read code in a programming language with Lots of Irritating Superfluous Parentheses:

          (((print (sqrt (+ (* y y) (* x x))))))
            (where y (constant (+ x 1)))
              (where x (constant 3))
First we get rid of all those irritating parentheses:
          print sqrt + * y y * x x
            where y constant + x 1
              where x constant 3
Then we decide the word "where" isn't really needed:
          print sqrt + * y y * x x
          y constant + x 1
          x constant 3
And finally we substitute a period for the word "print" because everyone knows that's easier to read, and we write it in UPPER CASE to make it easier on your eye:
          . SQRT + * Y Y * X X
          Y CONSTANT + X 1
          X CONSTANT 3
And that's it! We finally have a concise, easy to use language.

And it's named H-TROF.

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