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Demo: FUSE FileMan for NitrOS9 Level II


My latest big thing:

FUSE filesystems for OS-9 / NitrOS-9 Operating System Level II

  It's a multitasking multiuser operating system
  for a computer with a Motorola 6809 (or Hitachi 6309)
  and at least 128K RAM (better 512K or 2048K).

  Requires memory mapping hardware (MMU).

  E.G. In a Radio Shack Color Computer 3:

    64K logical memory space (seen by the 6809)
      = 8 x 8K Blocks

    512K physical memory (in my CoCo 3)
      = 64 x 8K Blocks

Each user process gets (almost) 64K RAM (often only needs 16K).

The graphics screen gets 64K RAM (often only needs 16K).

The kernel gets 64K RAM. <-- this is a problem, if lots of devices.

I wrote a FUSE File Manager.

FUSE Filesystem:
  Implemented by a User Process Daemon (gets 64K).
  Used by any other user process (normal file I/O).

Example: TFTP (Trivial File Transer Protocol)
  Remote File Reader Filesystem


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