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What the April 2023 FROBIO netboot3 ROM should display

Using either EXOBOOT or netboot3 from here https://github.com/strickyak/frobio/tree/main/built/wip-2023-04-22-cocofest

If you boot and touch no key, and it successfully starts to use DHCP, the first page (which will scroll off quickly) looks like this:

After DHCP succeeds and the WizNet chip connects to my public server on the internet, it intentionally pauses a second or two at this screen

before the Lemma server prints the Home page on the screen:

Currently navigating in Lemma is done by typing Page Numbers. A special command  @  will launch the program described on the page.

Page 10 leads to pages 11 and 12, which should launch and work on any Coco 1, 2, or 3 (with 32K RAM or more).

The other pages work better on Coco3. I think I broke Coco1 and Coco2 compatibility and need to fix it.

On a coco3, page 328 boots a version of NitrOS9 Level 2 that includes the f.* commands in the CMDS directory (try f.ping, f.ntp, f.dig; you will NOT need f.dhcp or f.config because that's already done) -- see "Summary of programs" on the main page here: https://github.com/strickyak/frobio

About the top Status Line:

In the ROM's simple screen driver, the top line is "frozen" in place while the rest of the text screen scrolls up.

Initially it says "-- STRICKYAK FROBIO PREBOOT --" until the Lemma program sends a command to overwrite it with "IT'S A COCO SYSTEM! I KNOW THIS!" which is joking about the "Unix System" joke in the Jurassic Park movie ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=it%27s+a+unix+system+i+know+this ).

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