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Foenix F256Jr -- FNX6809 -- NitrOS9 -- Links to Docs


Setting up the F256JR == https://github.com/boisy/f256-documentation/blob/main/f256/setting_up_jr.md

Quick Start == https://github.com/boisy/f256-documentation/blob/main/f256/quick_start.md

The F256/FNX6809 Programming Guide == https://github.com/boisy/f256-documentation/blob/main/f256/fnx6809-programming-information.md

Foenix F256 Reference Manual == https://github.com/pweingar/F256Manual/blob/main/tex/f256jr_ref.pdf

coco-shelf, for holding Nitros9 and tools: https://github.com/strickyak/coco-shelf

Here are the 6809 Williams games that have been ported to the CoCo 3 == https://github.com/nowhereman999

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