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FrobIO, CocoIO, and PizgaNet -- some proposed priorities

By Henry Strickland ( github.com/strickyak ) 02024-02-25

Some priorities:

1. DriveWire via CocoIO/PizgaNet

2. HDBDOS & the Big Software Collection of CocoSDC via CocoIO/PizgaNet

3. Fujinet via CocoIO/PizgaNet

4. PizgaNet!

5. PizgaNet via other hardware (e.g. copico instead of CocoIO)

6. Rick points out: Doing things "with the CoCo" as opposed to doing things "for the Coco".

What is frobio?

A git repository with lots of different pieces of source code for various networking things I've done so far. A lot is based around Nitros-9 rather than BASIC.

So what is PizgaNet? Proposals:

1. Network Boot with the current ROM/Server scheme.

2. Popular things to boot

3. Everything else we can boot!


4a) Login to server with hostname/pw in ROM (your server on your LAN, someone else's, or the HUB)

4b) Personal resources (home directories, repositories) unlocked

4c) Tree of servers rooted at the HUB ( that is, HubNet )

4d) Who is connected? Discovery / chat / WriteAll over HubNet

4e) Pre-firewall-pierced tunnel to all connected Cocos over HubNet

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