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Bumper Stickers

Hallo my little cups of piss-flavored lemonade, p32 here. I have recently been dicking around on this site where you can make and preview your own bumper stickers. The site is

if you care. ?Being the arrogant shitstain that I certainly am, I've decided to post a few of my favorites here, in this obscure forum. ?Enjoy, or don't. ?The rat's ass is truly not mine to give. -p32

did I mention that i love you, you pathetic sack of waste. I am so damn happy. I needed something to do today. I add some @ bottom. Ok, I said some but I meant lots. It's too damn easy. Hey check out my psi u stickers though. Might find people (ross) who might want to buy some...(and now i added more. scary, huh?)--p60

I want the MBOFAA bumper sticker. Really. That's just too great. --p31

Ha. http://plopmeout.yak.net/

  • ooh ooh me!! --p60

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