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Please fill me with PAST TENSE verbs which are not PENIS (not even a fucking verb, btw). One verb per carriage return, no commas. The carriage returns only appear in the editing window and the html, so don't worry about putting in your own line breaks. Other than that, keep in mind this is for a class, so attempt to reign in the filth to some degree. If you don't know how to edit, read p33
Thank you for your help!

abated abbreviated abolished abridged absolved absorbed accelerated accentuated accommodated accomplished accounted for accrued accumulated achieved acquired acted adapted adopted added addressed adjusted administered advanced advertised advised advocated affirmed aided alerted aligned allayed alleviated allocated allotted altered amassed amended analyzed answered anticipated appeased applied appointed appraised approached appropriated approved arbitrated aroused arranged articulated ascertained aspired assembled assessed assigned assimilated assisted assured ate attained attended audited augmented authored authorized automated averted avoided awarded measured weighed balanced babbled bogarted bought baked broke basked boned browned boogered baffled bended branded blamed bled bloomed bragged bagged bored brained burned buried crooned crawled configured conflagrated cornered coughed copulated cropped chewed choked courted crushed covered camped cowered clubbed drained drowned drugged drummed drew dawned disabled disemboweled differed defenestrated doomed dwindled eviscerated exploded initiated killed plead pursued pamper polish practice poke prattle operated ran sat shredded sliced slimed stabbed trained unsheathed vivisected whaled deleted transferred heard vindicated venerated vanished vamoosed exude truncated energized corrupted defenestrated juxtaposed blithered blustered massacred read held helped hid had posessed moved listened typed joked choked saw wrote drew doodled enunciated pronounced claimed climbed clamoured clamored gambled gamboled galumphed cavorted rebounded trampled trounced traced trained trailed tripled tinkled tipped timed tranquilized tumbled traded toyed tongued stung strangled sang spun swam shined showed spammed spurned stapled started rated reeled raped ranted relegated raptured peeeenused hooked grappled groped grabbed gaped groomed grew gaffed gripped gambled goofed golfed gobbled gabled shot slugged smoldered shambled steered smeared sold smoked smote gagged upon impaled enabled instigated envisioned empowered embodied epitomized resembled roasted rambled rotted roosted babbled boiled brewed gored gorged groveled guffawed castigated calibrated celebrated clogged promulgated pummeled persecuted obfuscated gerrymandered was filibustered

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