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Please fill me with nouns. One noun per carriage return, no commas. The carriage returns only appear in the editing window and the html, so don't worry about putting in your own line breaks. Other than that, keep in mind this is for a class, so attempt to reign in the filth to some degree. If you don't know how to edit, read p33
Thank you for your help!

alliteration apple ash aardvark antenna arm armpit animal baby back Squeedlyspooch ball bear bed beef bell bird birthday boat bouncer box boy bread brother burrito cake car cat chainsaw chair chicken children Christmas coat corn cow day dingo dingo's kidneys dog dol Don Alfonzo's tweezers door doughnut drink duck egg eggplant elephant enchilada estrogen enemy eye farm farmer father feet fire fish floor flower foetor fool game garden girl grass grizly bear ground ground beef groundhog hand harmony head heretic hill home horse house ice icepick ichor idiot inmate imbecil Jabberwock Jack-O-Lantern jalepeno K-mart kerosine kite kitty koala leg lemur letter levity limerick lysol man men melody milk money monkey mongoose moose morning moron mother name nest netherworld night ninja kitten nobody octopus odor onomatopoeia oppossum orbit paper parapet party picture pig pillar pine tree rabbit rain rapier redneck revolver ring risk robin rollerblade rollercoaster rollerskate Santa Claus school seed sheep shoe sister snow song spine squirrel squeetlyspooch stick street sun swallow table taco thing time top topknot toy trash tree vorpal sword watch water way willowisp wind window wood zoo food babies flesh blood horror atari beach ball banana bucket bull boner bunny begger grass phantom CLOWN container crown grandma hanger hamburger thumbtack trachea oil peanuts poop runts duck moose square ambulance visor cardigan cop carpet dilletante penguin horror fiend painter towel lip falafel cheese danish goat vallet programmer hammer nail gun prosthesis statue doormat floor board goose rock thimble trumpet tuba ruby cheese carbon pipe stork neptune grout magpie halberd snail ukeleile gravestone red hot poker fable weapon one-eyed monster spagetti missle blessing bruise enamel

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