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Please fill me with adjectives. One adjective per carriage return, no commas. The carriage returns only appear in the editing window and the html, so don't worry about putting in your own line breaks. Other than that, keep in mind this is for a class, so attempt to reign in the filth to some degree. If you don't know how to edit, read p33
Thank you for your help!

acrid adorable adroit ambiguous ambivalent amiable angry antisocial apathetic arduous arid awful bizarre blue bold brave brazen broken brown brutal eggseronious candylike cataclysmic cherubic clumsy cold complacent complex cowardly crazy crunchy cubic cute dark dazed dead deep difficult drastic drunken dry eclectic ecstatic elated eleemasynary euphoric evil fallen fantastic farfetched fetid filthy final forbidden furry futile fuzzy geriatric good grandiose grimey grown grungy happy hard hideous horrific hot house-broken idiotic imaginary immobile inarticulate inconceivable incredible inebriated infantile inopportune insane insufficient intuitive irrational jittery jolly jumpy jubilant jammed jovial juvenile krusty lame late limey loose learned lost lamented lobbed lemony leery melancholy melodramatic mild moosey moronic muddled muffled musty noisy nosy nice nefarious obtrusive offensive opaque pink pornographic prolific prone pudgy putrid preteen pretty preturnatural pricey penile pensive pruney piggish prudish poor quick quirky quiet queer quick quack rainy random rancid repulsive rude rotten relished religious rested repeated regurgitated sane sanguine savage shady short simple small spastic soft sordid squidgy stereotypical stoic stupid superlative Swedish swollen symbolic tall transcendental trite trustworthy truthful tumescent turgid ugly unbelievable unmitigated unobtrusive unruly violent vehement vocal wanky watery wet wicked wiggy wise xenophobic young yummy zany halfassed inchoate reversable subjective objective polychromatic antediluvian baroque soporific peerless daft luminous spoony tired exhausted sleepy restless droopy weak abandoned abnormal abused accepted accomplished achy active addicted adventurous affectionate aggravated aggressive agitated alienated alive alluring alone aloof alright amazed amazing amorous amused angelic angry angsty annoyed antisocial antsy anxious apathetic apologetic appolled appreciated apprehensive argumentative aroused artistic ashamed asleep violent astonished astounded athletic attractive audacious awake awesome awful awkward bad repugnant churlish ridiculuous painful caffeinated

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