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Help: Editing Rules

This WIKI website is based on the idea that Less Is More, so don't get too fancy. Just typing normal text with blank lines between paragraphs is often sufficient. You should learn the first few markups below, especially so you can link to other pages.

These marks may appear anywhere on line, but do not nest:

  • [[Title Of Page]] --link to page in same Wiki

  • ``words to be italics''

  • ```words to be bold'''

  • ````words to be typewriter''''

    These must start in the first column, and affect the entire line:

  • * Item in a bullet list

  • /section Primary Section Title

  • /subsection Secondary Section Title

  • /b words to be bold

  • /i words to be italics

  • /tt words to be typewriter

  • /bar --draws a horizontal rule

  • / -- slash then space forces a line break

  • /asis words to be typewrite, more markups do not apply -- but beware of things that look like [[Page References]], -- the wiki may get confused by them.

    The second word on these is the URL or filename; remaining words are optional, and are ALT text or name displayed on link:

  • /link URL label... --link to external site

  • /file NAME label... --link to attached file

  • /image URL alt-text... --embedded image

  • /imagefile NAME.jpg alt-text... --embedded attached file image

    Look at the p3 and hit [Edit] to see how it was done.


    do we get a /foo to go with /bar --jesse
    maybe some /bar food? --p6

    so it looks like it works to nest the markups like ```...''' and [[302]] see my page for an example --p11
    not always --p6
    point taken --p11

    Okay, you can nest [[Title Of Page]] inside the various ``` quoting marks. ''' And you can alwyas start a line with /i /b /tt etc. and then use ``` quoting marks''' on the rest of the line. --p6


    We no longer support: /html /html( /html)
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