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Why Genthree SUCKS

This page is dedicated to rampant criticism of the worst linux distro ever conceived: Genthree

  • Genthree makes the absurd claim: Genthree is the first distribution to make PySol work with Python 2.3. But SCO made Linux work with Lysol months ago.

  • Genthree developers use CVS. CVS sucks. Ever try to rename a directory in CVS?

  • They seem to think that what directory something is in actually matters-- four of their six rules are about directories. Who cares if sendmail is in /bin or /usr/bin or /sbin? It used to be in /usr/lib anyway.

  • They're offering two window managers, even thought that violates one of their only six rules. Why bother with rules? Next release will probably include KDE & Gnome, too.

  • The genthree mascot is so stupid they won't even put it on the web site:

    At least genthree doesn't suck quite as much as Perl! Or does it?

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    Other Genthree Annoyances

  • Only supports prehistoric mice:

  • Printer drivers print in strange font and destroy your paper:

  • Seemingly endless reboots: ...

  • the blue smoke comes out of my core memory:

  • insecure out-of-the-box:

    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:12:52 AM): genthree is a joke right
    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:12:55 AM): please say yes
    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:17:18 AM): I am sure someone wa sbeing silly when they made it up
    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:17:31 AM): I hope so
    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:17:34 AM): i really really do
    Sumxxxxxxxxx (1:17:39 AM): or is it a real distro?

    hey google, don't miss this! Fuckgenthree! Hate genthree! Fuck gen3!

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