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gus Baird: gus Story from Russell Campbell

I just found "gus" Baird's home page (somehow I never picked up on the lowercase "g"). I had gus for a number of ICS classes from 1982 to about 1984. I didn't hear of his death until about two years after and I was greatly saddened. What a great guy he was and what a great lecturer!

I see all the gus stories, but I don't see one I remember quite well. He was lecturing one day, in a Pascal class I think, and was talking about building tools (you had to build so many of your own in those days). He told us about participating in a 50 mile horse race in Alabama and how he decided to replace the t-shirt he'd always worn with a new one prior to the race. This shirt was a size larger and as he rode, instead of clinging to his body like the older, smaller one had, it bounced up and down. -- a gus pause -- "Rubbed my tits raw!!!"

It broke us up! The point: don't change your tools right before the big project.

What a guy. As someone else pointed out, many, many students will not know what they're missing by not having him as one of their profs.

Thanks for the web site.

Russell Campbell

IM '88

Yeah, I had to catch the M train because calculus and physics were wasting me - made great grades in programming classes and I'm a programmer today, but not a math guy, I guess.

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