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Fqa: what's in a virus?

This was in the payload of the most recenmt virus I got.

^MI have been fortunate most of my life. I have been given more than adequate food, clothing, and shelter. I have also been fortunate enough to enjoy some luxuries. However, there are many people who are not as fortunate. Poverty always has and may always be a part of our society. I felt it was important for the school to reach out to the less fortunate. I felt that it was time to give back to the community for the benefits it has given me, and that was the motivation behind our Christmas Dinner. Two classmates and I opened up our school, Queen Elizabeth Secondary, and served over 150 community members a full Christmas Dinner with the help of student council. We were hoping to establish a tradition that would last for many years to come and I believe that goal was achieved.^M^MThe event took place on the evening of December 15, 2000, and was a great success. After we prepared and served a full turkey dinner, “anta”made a guest appearance, giving away over fifty presents donated by our sponsors. Seeing the children’ eyes light up with delight is a picture I will remember forever. In fact, for most of us, our energy was rejuvenated by the laughter and joy of those children. We did not even eat our dinner. After giving my closing speech the entire crowd gave us a standing ovation, many of them with tears in their eyes. In fact, most of us had tears in our eyes. It is a day that will be a part of my school and my heart forever.^M^MThe following year, the event took place on the evening of December 14, 2001. there were many new sponsors, and the donations had been outstanding. Additionally we were able to serve more than 200 people, more than double the number of the previous year. The QE Band, and choir were responsible for the entertainment while the Cafeteria Cooks cooked the fabulous dinner. The media attention was also astounding. Global BC broadcasted live from QE Secondary, and the local radio stations had a few clips as well. The local newspapers also provided coverage. Santa made a visit once again, and every class sponsored a gift for the children that attended the dinner. We turned it into a school-wide event. As an added incentive we gave away a $5 gift certificate per person to allow them to have their own Christmas Dinner with their families. Students at QE are already looking forward to assisting with next year’ dinner.^M^M The third annual event took place on the November 29, 2002. we served more than 250 people once again. Santa made his usual visit, and numerous tv stations covered the story. The sponsorship was outstanding, and it was the solid work of the students (a committee at QE Secondary), that put together this event that involved hours of planning. Some new initiatives included a decorating committee, a coloring center for the kids, and free coffee and hot chocolate courtesy of Starbucks. All in all, this event was an even greater success than the past 2 years. ^M^MBy holding this event, we did our part to give back to the community.

Additionally, if every school in Surrey, and the rest of the Lower Mainland were to initiate such a project, the spirit of Christmas will spread among the less fortunate in our world. Our goal is just that. We want to go out to other schools and share our ideas. ^M^M^MMISSION/GROUP HISTORY^M^MThe Queen Elizabeth Student Council has been dedicated to making a difference not only within the school, but the community as well. From volunteering for Canuck Place, to dedicating evenings towards a variety of charities, QE has and will continue to give to the community at large. To help people in 3rd world countries, we have held the World Vision 30 hour famine for the past ten years. Within the school we have organized dances, pep rallies, and other special events. ^M^MAfter living in the City of Surrey for numerous years, we as a group began to realize the poverty that surrounds us. It was then that a few students decided to take on an initiative that would soon become an annual tradition.^M^MEvery year we have tried to add something to make the event even better. Last year we had a better turnout, and we also gave away gift certificates for the families. This year we hope to increase the number of people that attend the event once again.^M^MThe bottom line is that one school cannot treat everyone in need. We hope to encourage other schools to take part in such activities so that more people can enjoy the spirit of Christmas.^M^M^M^M^M^MLIST OF DIRECTORS^M^MFOUNDER Monty Raisinghani^MCO-FOUNDER Harish Raisinghani ^MCO-FOUNDER Clive D’ouza^M^MTeacher Sponsors: Jag Dutt, Parm Brar^MPrincipal: Alasdair Mackinnon^M^MKEY GROUPS INVOLVED:^M^M^M^MQE Student Council Mr. Dutt^MQE School Band/Choir Mr. Ritchie^MQE Cafeteria Cooks Ms. Thomas^MQE Mini-school Mrs. Brunsch^

well it also has a bunch of stuff like this ...

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