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Please ignore "Email account utilization" spam

Steve wrote this concerning the footbag.org domain and mailing list, but it would apply to any domain. I'm posting it here so I can refer people to it about spam that purports to come from any of my domains... strick

From: Steve Goldberg <XXXXXXXX@footbag.org>
Subject: [announce] Please ignore "Email account utilization" spam


There's really nothing I can do to stop this, so rather than continue
to have everyone on this mailing list continue to ask me, I'm going
to spam everyone yet again.

Viruses are rampant on the internet today. The way they work, anyone
"infected" ends up with a program running on their home computer or
laptop, that takes their entire address book, and sends new messages
that look real, but are *not*, to everyone on the address book.

This latest virus is *evil*. It sends spams To: everyone in someone's
address book, From: various addresses @footbag.org, and because it
parses out the word "footbag.org" from the e-mail addresses it's
sending to, it then uses the word "footbag.org" throughout the

This makes people *think* the message is really from footbag.org. But
IT IS NOT. It is coming from all sorts of random computers all over
the internet. There's *nothing* I can do to stop it.

So -- I beg you all -- PLEASE do not open *any* attachments *EVER* on
e-mails, unless they're clearly something you're expecting to receive
from a friend of yours who you are *expecting* to get an attachment
from. NEVER open .exe, .pif, or .scr attachments.

Secondly, please DO NOT ask me about spams. EVER. I deal with them
far more than any of you and I just don't have any patience or time
to waste on spam, more than I already do. PLEASE just ignore all
spams. Learn to detect them by looking for tell-tale signs (such as
attached .exe, .pif, and .scr files) and read my posting on the Forum
(under "informal announcements") about how to take advantage of some
filtering that footbag.org provides.

If you get a spam that looks like it came from footbag.org, I *assure
you* it didn't. We don't spam out from our service. And we *never*
use such horrible English as is in the messages that are currently
going around.

Specifically, please ignore all messages with the following subjects:

    Subject: Email account utilization warning.
    Subject: Notify about using the email account.
    Subject: Notify ... (anything)

Thanks for NOT REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL. I don't need any more e-mails.


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