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Configure FVWM - Make your own Linux Window Manager

A few of you may remember a window manager from back in the day called FVWM. No? Perhaps one called "That really ugly, complex pink THING." I suspect that may ring more bells.

FVWM has been around for ages, and has stepped well beyond its eye-searing pink roots. While the defaults are still pretty rough, it provides virtually endless configuration possibilities--you can make it do almost anything another window manager can, and look like almost anything....not to mention things other managers/environments never dreamed of. Look at a few screenshots!


My own file includes icons, a dock, an auto-hiding console, menu-based wallpaper selection, and multiple window decorations.

The downside, generally: it tends to be difficult to configure. In hopes of opening it to more people, I've thrown up a site full of full tarred configurations, in most cases complete right down to the icons. Give it a look! If you decide youlike it, and make your own, mail me your .fvwm file, and I'll add it promptly. :)

Fvwm Theme Pack Site

Enjoy! Feel free to offer comments/suggestions!

~Lmnop:: sitha (betterthanyou@gmail.com)

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