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ominOS is a new operating system kernel by omin0us. http://dtors.ath.cx

ominOS is a free and open source hobby operating system licensed under the GNU GPL. At the point its in its very very early stages. It is written mostly in C with some x86 assembly for various architecture dependent code. This is the second iteration of ominOS, and the code residing in the ominOS CVS repository is a complete rewrite from the original design. It is not usably by any means at this stage. Its not doing anything revolutionary or amazing. Its just something i'm having fun writing.

News: 2007.04.11 - Networking support in ominOS

2006.11.02 - New basic read-only ext2 driver in repository. Various bug fixes.

2006.10.22 - Added ATA driver (only supports read operations). Fixed bugs in Fat fs driver to support fat16/fat32 properly. Fixed bugs in Paging code.

currently supports things such as: - software based multitasking - virtual address space for each process (with ring level memory protection)

It's under GPL. Here's a snapshot, but check the main ominOS site for updated kernels. Consider it very experimental!

New Home: http://ominos.sourceforge.net/

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