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Yak-Patents Granted

Posted on 2014-12-03 by lastres0rt:

A Christmas Shelf Tree

A 360-degree shelf consisting of several tiers, resembling a large Christmas tree.

The edges of the shelf are dotted with holes and hooks to contain ornaments. The shelves can be used for storing presents off the floor (and away from toddlers / dogs).

Advanced versions include a spinning base to take advantage of all sides of the tree for storage.

Posted on 2014-06-20 by strick:

Mobile Laser to Guide Bicycles

A mobile laser, mounted on top of a car, strong enough to draw marks on the pavement in the vicinity. It can draw lines guiding clueless bicyclists back to where they are supposed to be riding, or gesturing them to stop at where they are supposed to stop. A computer decides if and when bicyclists need such help.

The same could be done to help pedestrians and other mobile people or things.

Posted on 2013-02-26 by strick:

sentence finishing, conversation continuing, app

an application for a cell phone or tablet, laid on the table in the middle of a conversation, or for the environmental computer in the room, that waits for pauses is in the middle of the sentence, and then it finishes the sentence for you. When the conversation dies down or comes to alone, the application can continue the conversation.

a pesky robot that wanders from conversation to conversation at a party may also do this.

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Posted on 2013-02-26 by strick:

flying car sushi bar

where is your flying car? it is carrying your sushi and flying 3D choreography through the air in your sushi bar.

use your toy energy beam weapon to fire at the sushi you want, and it's flying car will bring it to you.

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Posted on 2011-02-18 by tas:

Distributed indexing and tracking and backup for all your data on all your devices

Get all your devices to automatically chat with each other and figure out where we put all our data, keep redundant backups, and keep important parts where they are needed.

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Posted on 2011-02-16 by tas:

Provisional: pocket usb keyboard emulator, now with crypto!

A usb keyboard emulator (perhaps in a usb stick) that talks securely (SSL w/ certs?) with/via the computer over "typing" and (in reverse) keyboard "lights" and other possible side channels.

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Posted on 2010-07-27 by strick:

Soy Sauce Dyes for Sushi

Have different colors of Soy Sauce, for dying your Sushi. Especially useful for Easter.

Posted on 2009-05-18 by rtw:

Banjo Chord F#m7dim6add9

A chord that may prove impossible, but as google returned no results for it, I'm claiming it as my own.

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Posted on 2009-03-30 by strick:

Bird In The Middle (BITM)

A cryptographic attack carried out by a bird that doesn't so much sniff your traffic as peck at it, and occasionally poops on it.

(thanks to Soylent)

Posted on 2008-07-11 by rtw:

Square Theorem


For any real numbers >0.

N is usually less than 10, but any integer will work.

The goal is to make squaring numbers easier. For example:

x=47 n=3

x²=(47-3)*(47+3)+3² x²=(44)*(50)+9 x²=2200+9 x²=2209

Posted on 2008-04-13 by strick:

Terminal Program inserting 0-width commas in numbers

1. A terminal session program, like xterm or Gnome Terminal, that notices when five or more consecutive digits are being displayed, and automatically uses spare pixels above, below, or between the digits to indicate groups of three, starting from the right of the digits, like commas used in the US, or periods or other ticks marks used elsewhere in the world.

    Normal xterm: Before     With claim 1: After

2. The invention of Claim 1, in which every second or every third mark is distinguished in some way such as color or size or boldness or location, to make tick marks in large numbers easier to count.

3. The inventions of Claim 2, in which letters or other glyphs such as K, M, G, T, P, E, etc. are used in place of, or in addition to, the small commas or periods or tick marks, to make large numbers easier to understand.

4. Any of inventions in Claims 1, 2, or 3, in which decimal points in numbers are also recognized, and groups of three digits counting to the right of the decimal are also indicated, by any techniques in Claims 1, 2, or 3; including the use of letters or other glyphs such as k, m, u or μ, n, p, etc. to mark groupings of digits in the decimal.

5. The invention of Claims 1, 2, 3, or 4, in which white space between the digits is automatically adjusted, instead of or in addition to other marks being drawn, to indicate groupings of digits.

6. A Copy-and-Paste mechanism for a computer display that allows copying of numbers that might be displayed with groupings as in claims 1 through 5, but pastes them without any grouping marks, so that such numbers may be pasted into programs such as bc or dc that do not understand any grouping indicators.

(* Then we need to rewrite all the so-called human-friendly software that truncates numbers and prints suffices like "75B" and "4T" (at a quick glance, which is bigger? is that Billion and Thousand?) *)

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Posted on 2007-09-14 by aestetix:

Youtube tracker

Use Youtube to track popularity of presidential candidates

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Posted on 2007-09-04 by virgil:

SMS MailBomb

Make those stupid phone companies stop charging us for incoming SMS messages!

Make a CGI script that will mailbomb any cellphone number through the standard online services. Get it to the script kiddies, let it go wild. If enough pain is inflicted the phone companies will eventually have to go sender-pays SMS, like the rest of the developed world.

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Posted on 2006-12-09 by virgil:

Get list of wikipedia edits from a particular IP# range

Identify what thinktanks put into wikipedia compared to their published statements -- look for incongruities. I.e. ID thinktank says they're motivated by science alone but see wikipedia edits expousing a religiously-motivated view.

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Posted on 2006-12-09 by virgil:

Facebook Filesytem

Facebook Filesytem using the uploaded images feature.

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Posted on 2006-07-10 by strick:

Video from the Point Of View of a Soccerball

brn: still out of the country?
frb: my last night in Budapest
brn: how was it
frb: new idea for a yak patent:
frb: a soccerball with 32 embedded webcams, one looking out of each panel.
frb: then you can watch the game from the point of the view of the soccerball,
   with the right software, to stop the spinning
brn: that could be really neat. throw it up in the air and generate 360 degree worldviews
brn: yeah
frb: also, if you can watch from your computer, you can play with your angle,
   in realtime, or replay
brn: yeah
frb: the spinning-stopping-vision problem will be fun
brn: yeah
brn: it would take immense processing power to do realtime
frb: and if the cams are not quick enough imaging when spinning,
   to clean the data somehow
brn: yeah you would need very high frames per second to get clean images
brn: 3d accelerometers could be used to make a good first guess
   and then the pictures edges could be matched
brn: ah. well you have enough cameras in the ball to generate
   a full 360degree worldview at all times. so do that then in the air
   above a field have a grid of unique points.
   In any 360degree worldview some combination of points would appear
   from that point its simple to reorient the video stream
frb: they probably turn of internet very soon
frb: it's midnight at the Badkpack
frb: backpack
brn: ah
brn: well, have a good flight back

Posted on 2005-04-28 by strick:

Physics Mixed Drinks

m (1:46:41 AM): Wow, do they really make anti-matter?
n (1:47:16 AM): positrons are common
n (1:47:30 AM): but anti-hydrogen molicules, that was cool
m (1:47:40 AM): Wow
m (1:47:46 AM): That is awesome
n (1:48:42 AM): i wanna make Physics Mixed Drinks
n (1:48:49 AM): whiskey & heavywater
m (1:49:06 AM): LOL! That sounds like a bad idea...
n (1:49:16 AM): gin & anti-tonic
m (1:49:54 AM): Lol, that'd be cool
m (1:50:46 AM): anti-alcohol
n (1:51:44 AM): for a supersymmetric buzz
m (1:51:54 AM): Lol!

Posted on 2005-02-04 by strick:

Emergent Artsy Noise Generator for LAN Parties

frob (11:17:01 PM): niggaz grabbing their crotch are funny
ak (11:17:15 PM): only version 3 on some wonder how long been going
ak (11:17:39 PM): guess it must be working for um ok
ak (11:19:21 PM): there is some really silly stuff on that site
frob (11:19:43 PM): you need a GRANT like those guys got
ak (11:19:53 PM): yeh
frob (11:20:23 PM): http://montcada5.com/HTML/44_MachineManifesto(E1).html \
      .. nice hardware
ak (11:20:42 PM): yeh i know
frob (11:23:29 PM): but it's so artificially artsy -- i would like it better say, \
      if the hardware were brought to WZ [LAN Party] and the noises emerged naturally
ak (11:23:47 PM): :-)
frob (11:24:01 PM): nice red light saber, too
ak (11:24:15 PM): that would definitely add something outstanding
frob (11:25:13 PM): could you write a program that ran on each box, \
       created noises from events in the computer, \
       and emitted cool noises -- not just battle noises
ak (11:27:15 PM): i can see where that could be very possible , \
       I would have to do a little research but I could probably do something like that
frob (11:27:44 PM): for WZ6 [LAN party]
ak (11:28:14 PM): not sure if I have time with classes and all going on but I will try

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Posted on 2005-02-04 by strick:

RFID Theremin

ak (11:29:17 PM): all the time
frob (11:29:27 PM): also wearable Theremins, in wifi contact with each other, for all participants
ak (11:29:39 PM): haha
frob (11:29:56 PM): also RFID'ed shotglasses
ak (11:30:11 PM): hey i saw rfid kit for sale
ak (11:30:15 PM): might be fun to play with
frob (11:31:09 PM): an RFID-aware Theremin, to take with you when you walk thru stores; \
        it sings the gingles of each nearby product as you walk
ak (11:31:34 PM): haha
ak(11:31:36 PM): nice
ak (11:32:00 PM): i'll mark those down
frob (11:32:21 PM): time for a YAK PATENT

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