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RFID Theremin

ak (11:29:17 PM): all the time
frob (11:29:27 PM): also wearable Theremins, in wifi contact with each other, for all participants
ak (11:29:39 PM): haha
frob (11:29:56 PM): also RFID'ed shotglasses
ak (11:30:11 PM): hey i saw rfid kit for sale
ak (11:30:15 PM): might be fun to play with
frob (11:31:09 PM): an RFID-aware Theremin, to take with you when you walk thru stores; \
        it sings the gingles of each nearby product as you walk
ak (11:31:34 PM): haha
ak(11:31:36 PM): nice
ak (11:32:00 PM): i'll mark those down
frob (11:32:21 PM): time for a YAK PATENT


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