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Emergent Artsy Noise Generator for LAN Parties

frob (11:17:01 PM): niggaz grabbing their crotch are funny
ak (11:17:15 PM): only version 3 on some wonder how long been going
ak (11:17:39 PM): guess it must be working for um ok
ak (11:19:21 PM): there is some really silly stuff on that site
frob (11:19:43 PM): you need a GRANT like those guys got
ak (11:19:53 PM): yeh
frob (11:20:23 PM): http://montcada5.com/HTML/44_MachineManifesto(E1).html \
      .. nice hardware
ak (11:20:42 PM): yeh i know
frob (11:23:29 PM): but it's so artificially artsy -- i would like it better say, \
      if the hardware were brought to WZ [LAN Party] and the noises emerged naturally
ak (11:23:47 PM): :-)
frob (11:24:01 PM): nice red light saber, too
ak (11:24:15 PM): that would definitely add something outstanding
frob (11:25:13 PM): could you write a program that ran on each box, \
       created noises from events in the computer, \
       and emitted cool noises -- not just battle noises
ak (11:27:15 PM): i can see where that could be very possible , \
       I would have to do a little research but I could probably do something like that
frob (11:27:44 PM): for WZ6 [LAN party]
ak (11:28:14 PM): not sure if I have time with classes and all going on but I will try


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