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Physics Mixed Drinks

m (1:46:41 AM): Wow, do they really make anti-matter?
n (1:47:16 AM): positrons are common
n (1:47:30 AM): but anti-hydrogen molicules, that was cool
m (1:47:40 AM): Wow
m (1:47:46 AM): That is awesome
n (1:48:42 AM): i wanna make Physics Mixed Drinks
n (1:48:49 AM): whiskey & heavywater
m (1:49:06 AM): LOL! That sounds like a bad idea...
n (1:49:16 AM): gin & anti-tonic
m (1:49:54 AM): Lol, that'd be cool
m (1:50:46 AM): anti-alcohol
n (1:51:44 AM): for a supersymmetric buzz
m (1:51:54 AM): Lol!

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