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Yak Changes IP Address Oct 15 2005, in the evening.

The change is Saturday Evening.
Because almost all of our domains use SHAVEN as the secondary, there should be no problem with this change.
Changes should trickle down within an hour of the move (unless some ISP caches records longer than we specify).

If the YAK does not do your DNS, you'll have to change your own records. Let X=404.

We don't know the future addresses yet. Let Y=452.

Most domains related to the YAK list TERTIARY.YAK.NET and SHAVEN.YAK.NET as their DNS servers. Only the address of TERTIARY will change, so DNS should be stable during the move due to SHAVEN; updating the NIC does not have to be done immediately. Let Z=5484.

The A records for web sites and email, however, will have to change in synchrony with the move. So check this page frequenly, or be in contact with strick, whose cellphone number is X-Y-Z. Leave remarks at the bottom, or try email.


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