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all linux projects should be using valgrind

A call to action for Firefox, Thunderbird, and other projects: USE VALGRIND AND FIX THE BUGS IT REPORTS.

I built Firefox today since they are in the throes of releasing 1.5. I figured I would run valgrind and try and find obscure memory leaks, memory corruption, etc. I was severely disappointed at how many valgrind warnings were emitted.

I did the same thing with mono, which has several warnings about use of uninitialized data in a branch in libgc. Scares the crap out of me that I relied on mono so heavily in previous projects.

I hope and pray that these warnings are at least partially false positives, and I know some of them aren't. If the Mozilla Foundation is so interested, someone from there can contact me and I will gladly go to their offices in Mountain View and work with them to investigate and fix these bugs. Unfortunately, they are no longer down the street -- they have moved their offices elsewhere in Mountain View. I'd still do the commute ;>

We've been using valgrind on FreeSCI, and have fixed some issues. Many still remain, which is what I am spending some of my free time on right now. I'm also using valgrind's latest code from SVN to help them test for their 3.1 release. mono actually crashes under it, which is valgrind's fault.

Anyone have any shock & horror reactions to running other applications under valgrind?


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