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Showtime's Masters of Horror

If Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series didn't grab you at first, watch the "Homecoming" episode.

Kudos to Joe Dante and Sam Hamm for this episode of Masters of Horror. This is one of the best pieces of comtemporary horror writing put onto film that I have seen in some time. I highly recommend everyone see it, however you need to. It was ballsy, to be sure, so kudos to Showtime for getting it on the air.

Showtime, so far, has a way of taking an excellent series with a lot of promise and making it run out of steam very quickly. Weeds, which is excellent, is so compressed in it's 30 minute format that sometimes things don't make any sense. Huff, which started out wonderfully, just got too goofy near the end of the first season. Queer As Folk didn't seem to take its own characters seriously. I don't mean they were charicatures, but they flitted to and from obsessions that didn't make sense. There was seemingly no consistent cross-season arcs for the main cast, aside from the Justin and Brian characters. Even Bullshit seemed a little thin last season. I find Dead Like Me to be pretty ridiculous, so I can't comment on that objectively, but some people really like it.

HBO, on the other hand, somehow gives so much breathing room to their shows that one has to wonder how they reign things in consistently. Even shows I don't personally like, such as The Comeback, I can appreciate the quality of. It's almost like Showtime panics, whereas HBO doesn't.


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