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Discussion #649 Message: 2005-12-28 18.58.12 robmyers

Hey Matt!

Change is always painful, and you're still pretty close to the bleeding edge. Regarding the resume, perhaps more general statements regarding XP and agile methods would be less inflamatory.

Regarding the efficacy of pair programming: I'm planning to write/present a paper on the topic soon, and I may ask to quote some of your comments, and/or ask you to contribute to and/or review the paper. The focus is going to be mostly on the value to the business, though I don't plan to neglect the developer. What should be no surprise to anyone is that what's good for the organization is good for the developer.

People--and developers are always people, no matter what they tell you :)--tend to let short-term discomfort cloud their vision of the long-term value. As you and I know, pair programming can be uncomfortable, but it's a critical part of a process that prevents death-marches and costly failures.

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