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Test-Driven Development from the Trenches

I have an article in the January issue of Software Test & Performance magazine on the Test-Driven and Extreme Programming aspects of developing BugScan.

The issue with the article can be downloaded from here: http://www.stpmag.com/retrieve/stp-0601.htm

There are allusions to other projects, people, and companies, but there is a definite focus on the experience of using TDD and XP on the BugScan product cycles. Hopefully it will help dispel some of the common arguments and issues people run into relating to these practices.

As told in the article, XP and TDD was not perfect for us right off the bat. It took some stumbles before we learned the real-world lessons that you can't necessarily pick up from the XP and TDD books by themselves. To that end, I hope that it lets people know that there is some amount of work in getting XP to work in an organization aside from the usual political and technical issues. Objectively learning from mistakes will only make your understanding stronger, so don't be afraid to do so!

If anyone would like to see another article in this vein, please leave a comment below or email me. Please don't just flame me and try to argue XP vs RUP vs caffeine-junkie cowboy programming. I prefer to do that in person with a crowd :)


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