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Tenuring of items

Tenure Pool

The tenuring of an item is the automated promoting of a Dynamic Volume item into a Tenure Pool. The Tenure Pool is a collection of items pending review and awaiting linking into the Organized Volume. A simple set of rules determines when an item in the Dynamic Volume is promoted to the Tenure Pool. This promotion entails a copying of the item with the creation of bi-directional links between the duplicate items. (This allows the original item to remain as is within its context while the tenured copy can be edited to suit the Organized Volume. The links also provide for referential integrity.)

When an item in the Tenure Pool is linked to from the Organized Volume or moved to the Denied Tenure Pool the item is removed from the Tenure Pool.

Denied Tenure Pool

The Denied Tenure Pool is for items which triggered promotion but were determined not to merit it. 3 or more votes against tenuring an item in the Tenure Pool should move the item to the Denied Tenure Pool.

Organized Volume

The Organized Volume is the part of the web site consisting of tenured items which have been organized for long term reference along with organizing items which were explicitly created in the Organized Volume.

["Organized Volume" is a working name. Its descriptive for this stage of things, but not what I'd necessarily want the name to be in a production system. I left off calling it the Tenured Volume since some items will be created specifically for this volume (ex. home page, other structuring items.) Any ideas for a better distinction than Organized/Dynamic?]


Tenuring could be implemented as a periodical operation (like generation scavenging garbage collection) or triggered per item by a specific condition (like an "Informative" tag attaining 5 votes.)

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