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imeem job over, looking for new work

My current eXtreme Programming Lead job is over and I'm now looking for work.

My eXtreme Programming Lead job I've been doing for the last 6 months has come to an end. I was able to help them accomplish some really cool things, like:

Overall, this experience has proven even further to me the value of staying agile and "paying as you go". I also now understand why XP is so prescriptive -- you really need to be doing all of these things all the time to yield the giant leap forward in productivity. I forget which book it was, but it said something like "If you can't do pairing, TDD, or ruthless refactoring all the time -- that's fine -- just don't call it XP." That's not to say something looser, like Scrum, is bad or inferior -- one just has to choose the best tools and process for the job at hand.

Anyways, I'm looking for similar agile/XP/TDD/patterns coaching/coding, mono/C#, static and/or runtime code analysis, and automated build contracts. Here's a link to my resume -- please send it to anyone you think might be interested. I'd also be interested in reverse engineering and vulnerability discovery work, if the price is right. I'm open to other things too, feel free to email or call me with your ideas and contacts! :)


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