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I Heart New York City

Geoff and I are in NYC spending the weekend with our friend Celeste. An accoint of our Saturday night follows.

We took a redeye in, on which I slept about 3 hours total. As such, I slept until about 3pm today at the Lucerne Hotel. Thankfully, it is neat Celeste's apaertment. When I woke up, I felt great.

For dinner, we went to a sushi place called Le Miu. The food was amazing, even though the service wasn't that great. It was a bit pricey, buy again,the food was great.

The first club we went to was around 5th and Avenue C, called Nublu. It was really mellow and had a great DJ. The drinks were good, also.

The second place was called Culture Club, on Varek. It was cute, but not worth the $25 cpver charge at the door. Also, my lemonDrop() came in a thimble-sized container. It's an 80's themed club, but we couldn't take much and went next door to Nerve Ana which was 90's themed. I liked the DJ, who was playing reggae-ish tracks, but it was a bit too loud.

Before passing out we went to this awesome punk bar called Ding Dong around 106th and Columbus. Chill atmosphere, decent drinks, and we all took turns playing the Ms. PacMan tabletop game.

All in all, an awesome night. And, because of my nap earlier, I didn't tire out first for once.


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by strick:

Ich Heart Wien

Tommy & I were in Vienna, Austria, this same weekend, and went to FLEX on Friday Night for London Calling Special: "the great returning of underground rock". The music was mostly unfamiliar to me, but really enjoyable, and all clashworthy high energy. Flex is one of my favorite clubs anywhere, and I hadn't been in several years, so I'm glad it's still open and going strong. It has even more picnic tables now out front of the club, so if you don't have the five to eight Euros to get in, you can sit outside and drink with your friends. Then around 4am they quit controlling the entrance, so the music club filled up again with people coming in for free for the final hour. Tisch-Fußball, but no Ms Pacman.

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