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Video from the Point Of View of a Soccerball

brn: still out of the country?
frb: my last night in Budapest
brn: how was it
frb: new idea for a yak patent:
frb: a soccerball with 32 embedded webcams, one looking out of each panel.
frb: then you can watch the game from the point of the view of the soccerball,
   with the right software, to stop the spinning
brn: that could be really neat. throw it up in the air and generate 360 degree worldviews
brn: yeah
frb: also, if you can watch from your computer, you can play with your angle,
   in realtime, or replay
brn: yeah
frb: the spinning-stopping-vision problem will be fun
brn: yeah
brn: it would take immense processing power to do realtime
frb: and if the cams are not quick enough imaging when spinning,
   to clean the data somehow
brn: yeah you would need very high frames per second to get clean images
brn: 3d accelerometers could be used to make a good first guess
   and then the pictures edges could be matched
brn: ah. well you have enough cameras in the ball to generate
   a full 360degree worldview at all times. so do that then in the air
   above a field have a grid of unique points.
   In any 360degree worldview some combination of points would appear
   from that point its simple to reorient the video stream
frb: they probably turn of internet very soon
frb: it's midnight at the Badkpack
frb: backpack
brn: ah
brn: well, have a good flight back
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