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I am the Slime

I found an article mentioning one of my favorite Frank Zappa songs that I wanted to share.

I was talking with someone about DRM and couldn't help but thinking about the FZ song, 'I am the Slime'. Specifically, the part of the lyric that goes:

and you will do as you are told
until the rights to you are sold

I looked up the lyrics and found this article . The colors are horrendous, but don't let that put you off. The quote from FZ and discussion are short and interesting. For those wondering, my favorite performance of the song so far is the one on the Zappa in New York album. It includes Don Pardo on backing vocals. It also includes two versions of one of FZ's most genius compositions, The Black Page.

Man, how I wish FZ was alive today. I got an email that Zappa Plays Zappa will be doing a string of shows in October -- I highly recommend people go see it.


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