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bugreport project to be released under GPLv3 at defcon

Luis and I gave the proof-of-concept code from our BlackHat class to the students. We'll be releasing it to the public at Defcon.

The code Luis wrote to illustrate the concepts from the Binary Static Analysis class at BlackHat worked really well in the classes. Over the course of 4 days, 4 people pair programmed on the code with Luis in front of the class to demonstrate how to solve common static analysis bugs. Some of the students didn't like the focus on tool implementation, but those who liked it really liked it. We had 3 or 4 students following along in the code on their laptops in the first class and nearly the entire second class did as well. Some people started making little tweaks and playing with it on the last day. Most of the people who walked out can either take Luis' code and extend it, or write their own tool from scratch with the knowledge they gained. There were some people from vendors in the classes and it made for a great discussion as well. I'm looking forward to giving the class again, hopefully soon.

We'll be releasing the code to the public at Defcon over the course of two talks (previously mentioned). The code will be up on sourceforge at that time. The mailing list and other things are already there, with the code to follow shortly. The code will be released under GPLv3 draft 2. We'll be giving out GPLv3 t-shirts at the Defcon talks for good audience participation :)

After the second talk, people will have an opportunity to join a group of us to pair program on features for bugreport. We have 5 or 6 people, including Luis and myself, that have boned up on C# and TDD over the last month. We'll take 6 initial pair volunteers from the attendees, pair each of them up with one of the core people, and have them implement some feature in a test-driven way by making a system test pass. When their system test and all unit tests pass, I'll sign off as customer, and they'll commit. The audience volunteers will then pair with a different person in the the core team and repeat the process. After a volunteer has paired with two core people, and they are comfortable doing so, they can then pair with another attendee. While attendees people wait for the pair programming pool to expand, they can go over the codebase and use some resources we have on C# 2.0 and TDD to prepare themselves.

It's an interesting experiment, kind of a flash-mob of extreme programming. I don't know how well it will work, or how far it will go, but I won't know until we try.

See you there!


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