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observations from re-re-re-re-reading Harry Potter Years 1 & 2

Getting a bit more from a stone in the nth re-reading of the Harry Potter books. This may be spoilers for some people, so don't read unless you've read all the books so far. Also, it might not make sense unless you have ;)

First, at the end of Year 1, Albus is revealing a few things. At one point, Harry asks why Severus was trying to save his life. And Albus explains that he thinks Severus was trying to make up for the fact that James (Harry's dad) saved Severus' life. Albus started their conversation with the pretext that he wouldn't lie to Harry, but he also wouldn't tell him certain things.

I have a theory that Severus is involved in an Unbreakable Vow like the one at the beginning of Year 6. I think that we have seen it yet, perhaps it will come in Year 7. Otherwise, I don't know why Severus didn't kill Harry at the end of Year 6. Now, an Unbreakable Vow requires three people. Based on Albus' statements above, it would appear that he was not one of those people. This is strange, because if Albus did know of the Unbreakable Vow, it would explain why he trusted Severus' deep regret about revealing the phrophecy to Voldemort and therefore indirectly causing the murder of Harry's parents.

I'm not sure what to think about this one. I'm tempted to think that Jo Rowling made a mistake here, or that Albus went back on his word and lied to Harry. Methinks the former is more likely.

In Year 2, there's something a little more obvious and direct. In 'explanation time' with Albus at the end of Year 2, it is explained that Harry is likely a Parselmouth because of the curse that failed to kill him. Harry directly asks if this means that Voldemort put a piece of himself into Harry, and Albus confirms this. This goes a ways toward the Harry as a Horcrux theory, which is not new. I just didn't realise how obvious it was until now, after reading Year 6.


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