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xbox game review: grabbed by the ghoulies

Geoff and I beat Grabbed by the Ghoulies for XBox a few days ago. Read on for the review.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a great game, all around. The graphics, art, and design are just amazing -- it makes me wonder why more games can't look this good. Often, we would just look around a room and look at the pictures on the wall and other things. While it is definitely slanted toward kids, there is plenty of subtle adult humor and difficulty that we were giggling and having a good time. It does start off a bit slow, but becomes progressively more difficult almost to the point of frustration.

It's a single player game, so Geoff and I switched off after each death or so. The beauty of the game and the funny sound effects kept each of us captivated while the other person was playing. The controls are simple and consistent, with a good deal of 'magic' so that things work the way you want (similar to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which we also really liked). The camera had a few little bugs, the only really annoying one of which was that fabrics (which are rendered beautifully) don't count as solid objects, so the camera doesn't know to move around them. This may be on purpose as an extra 'obstacle', but I doubt it. It's easy to work around once you are aware of the problem, though.

Defeating the last villain is quite difficult. It took us playing off and on for a week to finally beat him, slowly learning the technique for each stage of the fight.

This game is so enjoyable, with great graphics (16x9 480p), art, and sound. It's $10 on Amazon , so pick it up now!


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