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most browsers can't print web pages

I found what appears to be a simple page that only one browser thus far can print correctly.

There are some blogs that draw enough of an intelligent crowd that I like to print out the post with comments and read through the discussion. It was particularly useful when I was reading about the /link http://blogs.sun.com/gbracha/entry/will_continuations_continue potential use of continuations in web applications and the various responses for and against the idea.

I was wanting to do the same thing with an article that Bob Martin wrote on clean code, but every browser I tried couldn't print it properly. By properly, I mean print it in a way that didn't make screw up the layout so bad as to make most of it unreadable. The best was IE6, which messed up the first 4 or 5 pages, leaving the rest mostly readable. IE7 RC1, Firefox 1.5, and Firefox 2.0 latest RC2 candidate and all had major issues. I had a friend try Safari (v2.0.4 (419.3)) on MacOS, which is the only browser to render the page correctly for printing. I haven't tried Konqueror yet (my browser of choice on Linux), but I suspect it will be as good as Safari since Safari is based on the same underlying rendering code as Konqueror.

I reported the bug against IE7 RC1 using the Microsoft Beta Client. I reported the Firefox 2.0 RC2 bug via its Help->Report Broken Web Page feature. I then went on their irc channels and asked if I should also file a bugzilla bug. It turns out this is one of those Mozilla/Firefox bugs that is years old, many users complain about, but never gets fixed. I offered a bounty ($50) for it to be fixed, but no one seemed interested. I'll give $100 if someone fixes it and puts in an automated test that fails when the bug is present and passes when it's fixed.

If anyone out there uses Opera, I'm curious how it fares. Add a comment (any login, password burdell) if you get a chance.


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