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narcissistic nerd archaeology, part 1

While moving, we started getting stuff off of old ZIP disks so we could toss them. One amusing find.

I found this text file, which I made when I was selling my system at the time. (I upgraded to a Cyrix 6x86 on a Tyan board next.) I was so proud of myself by getting that extra megabyte of RAM into it that I could play System Shock, Privateer, and Wing Commander Academy smoothly in VESA modes.

Amptron DX-6900 Motherboard
  (direct from the manual)
  -accepts AMD/Intel/Cyrix, 486SX-25 thru DX4-100, 237-pin ZIF CPU socket
  -SMM/SMI power management
  -Advanced Power Management Mode is fully supported
  -VESA standard Local Bus wtih Bus Mastering
  -256k external write back, direct-mapped cache; upgradeable to 1 Meg
  -2 banks of 72 pin SIMM and and 1 bank of 30 pin SIMM memory sockets, supports a
   maximum of 64 Meg
 -System and video BIOS shadowing with caching options for enhanced performance
 -On board 3.3V voltage regulator for DX4(P24C) CPU
 -Three Master VESA Local Bus slots, seven 16-bit ISA I/O slots
 -1994 AMI WinBIOS: Virus Warning, Video & Adapter ROM shadows, IDE Block mode, IDE LBA
   mode, IDE 32-bit mode
 **NOTE: This is upgradeable to a 5x86 AMD or Cyrix chip

Intel 486DX2-66 with heat sink and fan

Maxtor 540 meg IDE Hard Drive

Diamond Stealth 32 VLB video card with 2 meg
  -has latest DOS and Windows software
  **NOTE: I run Windows in 1024x768 with 65,536 colors with this card

DFI VLB I/O-controller
  -2 RS-232 serial ports, assignable as COM1-COM4, enable/disable jumpers, 16450 UARTs
  -one parallel printer port, assignable at 378h or 278h, enable/disable jumper
  -supports 2 IDE hard drives, VESA VL-Bus rev 1.0 compatible
  -one game (joystick) port, enable/disable function
  -latest drivers for DOS, Windows (32-bit access), Netware 386 3.1-4.01, OS/2, and WinNT

Teac SuperQuad 4X CD-ROM drive
  -has latest DOS drivers
  -600k per second transfer rate, 195ms access time
  -hooks directly to Sound Blaster Pro

Sound Blaster Pro (verson 2) **no manual**
  -comes with CD that includes all DOS and Windows drivers and
   full Win 3.1

DFI 3-button serial mouse

101-key keyboard

one 4 meg 72-pin 80ns 1x32 SIMM   \
one 4 meg 72-pin 70ns 1x36 SIMM    |---total of 9 meg of memory
four 256k 30-pin 80ns SIMMs       /

Teac 1.44 meg floppy drive

Mini-tower case w/235 watt power supply
  -2 5.25" external bays, 2 3.5" external bays, 1 3.5" internal bay



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