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From: gus Baird (gus@prism.gatech.edu)
Subject: What's a non-cartridge arm called?
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Newsgroups: rec.guns
Date: 1993-05-28 22:16:27 PST
What's a non-cartridge arm called? My rapidly decaying memory is 
telling me I used to know a word for such, but I can't fetch it.

It ain't "muzzle-loader", "black-powder", or any of the other 
overly-restrictive terms.

Maybe it'll come to me as soon as I pull the trigger on this 
article.  I kinda hope I'll feel real embarrassed in about 
five minutes...
gus Baird, College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
uucp: ...!{allegra,amd,hplabs,seismo,ut-ngp}!gatech!prism!gus
ARPA: gus@cc.gatech.edu

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