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From: gus Baird (gus@prism.gatech.edu)
Subject: Re: Reloading Dies For Single Stage Press
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Newsgroups: rec.guns
Date: 1993-07-08 07:42:54 PST
In article <7JUL199312493372@carmen.gfdi.fsu.edu> warren@carmen.gfdi.fsu.edu (Warren Auld, FSU/GFDI 904-644-1526) writes:
 >In article <103834@hydra.gatech.EDU>, gus@prism.gatech.edu (gus Baird) writes...
 >#They can also be cemented in, historically with asphaltum cement.  
 >#You may still find military service ammo with this black gunk 
 >#holding the bullets in really securely.  It helps meet bullet-pull 
 >#force specs without crimping.
 >Huh? I thought the asphaltum was there as water proofing. While it might 
 >help to retain the bullet, the position of the bullet is maintained by 
 >crimping the case mouth into the cannelure.

No cannelure, no crimp on 45ACP, for example.

My school pals and I spent a hard little while trying to get a bullet
out of one of these (we didn't know the trick of seating the bullet
a little *deeper*, first, to break that seal), discovering that the
cement hung onto the bullet lots harder than the case mouth could.

We never did get the bullet pulled - finally *sawed* the sucker open!
gus Baird, College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
uucp: ...!{allegra,amd,hplabs,seismo,ut-ngp}!gatech!prism!gus
ARPA: gus@cc.gatech.edu

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