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Get list of wikipedia edits from a particular IP# range

Identify what thinktanks put into wikipedia compared to their published statements -- look for incongruities. I.e. ID thinktank says they're motivated by science alone but see wikipedia edits expousing a religiously-motivated view.

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by virgil:
Update: This idea became the WikiScanner.


by strick:
I notice the filing date of this YakPatent page is 2006-12-09, so it took about 8 months to productization. That's pretty good, compared to some of my never-implemented ideas (: Also, GregR's working on the SoccerBallCam YakPatent...

by strick:
Another article to cache:

  • heute_29082007_ZH.pdf (page 15: Wenn Tony Blair zum Wodka greift)

    (thanks to Markus in Zurich)

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