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Croquet Collaborative -- fixes to v0.1 for Linux

Schwa & Howard have a croquet disto -> http://www.croquetcollaborative.org/

Take the following with a grain of salt: Some of the issues have been resolved; Some of my reactions were misguided.

How I fixed v0.1 to work under linux (Fedora Core 4; YMMV): [NOTICE that v0.2 is now published]

  • Download my version of this file -> Croquet.sh . Theirs had a wrong image name, and was DOS format -- Linux really doesn't like the ControlMs (Carriage Returns). Actually, that script breaks when done-digit version numbers end the image filename, unless you specify the image name yourself.

  • Change this one method -> Scratch.1.cs.bin (remove the .bin extension). That masks around needing OpenAL to *work*. You still need it to be loadable, it seems, so that's what the next three items are about:

  • Put http://www.smilax.org/144/OpenALPlugin.so in the bin/i686* directory

  • Make sure you have libopenal: [FedoraCore]
    yum install openal

  • Make a link in /usr/local/lib to libopenal without the .so number: [FedoraCore]
    ln -s /usr/lib/libopenal.so.0 /usr/local/lib/libopenal.so

  • chmod +x Croquet.sh bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu/*

  • The instructions say to change the interactivity server hostname to empty for testing your local system. That does not seem to work for me. However leaving the default ( www.croquetcollaborative.org ) does work for me, after a pause. Be patient for a minute or so.

What was really wrong: my box's "hostname" (according to the OS), looked up in /etc/hosts , did not match the IP address that the box got from DHCP. Suggestion for running all on one node: set hostname to 'localhost'. For running a server for other clients: make sure hostname, /etc/hosts, and ifconfig all agree.

I did that, before I learned how to update with Monticello.

( marginally useful YAK pages on Croquet -- http://www.smilax.org/144 -- http://wiki.yak.net/635 -- http://yak.net/croquet/ -- http://speedy.cs.uiuc.edu/~johnson/croquet/Dormouse-20/StrickAndRyan/ )

Code Drops (works in progress) (not related to just making Croquet work on Linux)

  • Grid2.16.cs
  • Grid2.18.cs
  • Grid3.3.cs
  • HelpfulForLinux.1.cs
  • RefactorKCPWorlds.3.cs
  • OpenALPlugin.so
  • libopenal.so.0.0.0
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