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The Kingdom of Yaknetistan in Second Life -> "Bedstraw (128, 128)"

The Kingdom of Yaknetistan, the Virtual Land of the Righteous Yak, covers most of the Township of Bedstraw in the online virtual reality of Second Life.

Join Second Life for free:

http://secondlife.com/ <- Main web site

https://secondlife.com/join/ <- Join with free account

Second Life is a virtual world with many thousands of people simultaneously connected, creating their world. It's a lot like the Croquet system that Ryan and Strick were working on in 2005-2006, but all grown up, done commercially, and running pretty smoothly, using market forces within the world to make it work. It's amazing both as a technical and as a social hack. It's also like a MMORPG, except that everything is designed and created by the residents (users) of SecondLife, rather than by level designers (employees) of the company. You can create objects, model places, and script things yourself.

You can create a free account, and there are free clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux(alpha). Use "skip this step" option to avoid providing a credit card or a PayPal account, although if you do provide one, you can convert some US dollars into Linden Dollars to play with.

Ordinarily you need a paid $10USD/month membership to own land. But if you're a YAK person, we've got land you can use, and we'll give you a few Linden Dollars to spend.

Yak Members in Second Life

Joining the Yak Group

If you're a YAK person, add "Strick Unknown" to your friends, and send me an email or something to let me know who you are. I'll add you to the YAK group, and you'll be able to use the YAK lands to build stuff.

What you really need to know

Scripting Links:

  • http://rpgstats.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  • http://oz.slinked.net/history/lsl2_reference.htm
  • http://www.ddj.com/article/printableArticle.jhtml?articleID=197008520&dept_url=/dept/ai/
  • http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Portal

    Scraps of code you don't need...

    // Strick's Cannon Script
        touch_start(integer total_number)
            integer i;
            //llSay(0, "Shooting 30 cannonballs...");
            float speed= 40;
            vector direction= llRot2Up( llGetRot() );
            for ( i=0; i<30; i++)
            vector epsilon= < llFrand(0.3)+-0.15, llFrand(0.3)+-0.15, llFrand(0.3)+-0.15 >;
               llRezObject( "BlueRubberCannonball", llGetPos(), // position
                        //<1, 1, 10>,  // velocity
                        (epsilon + direction) * speed,
                        <0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0>,  // rotation
                        1   // param
            //llSay(0, "... Done.");

    Discuss Stuff Here

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    by dmm:
    Proposed new urban design document for Yaknetistan.
  • by strick:
    important changes -- sandbox moves west, runway fits between sandbox & gorge


    by strick:
    here's the Gulch Idea: fill it with water, so it becomes a river. when it gets to cove, it stays up high, and fills a lake. Then spills over the dam in the center, to hit rocks below (the river, waterfall) and causes big splashes out into public land rocks & waterfal phantom -- so you can sail into secret cove under the lake

    by gregr:
    just had an idea: We could make over pass style roads around the property... it maintains the ground below and will let us have fun with cars. -gr

    by dmm:
    A New and Accurate Map of Yaknetistan [ Extra Large version ] [ warning, original is 6MB ]

    by strick:
    Group Notice: New Yaknetistan Ready

    The terraforming is about complete, except for the gorge & cove. The lands are now Group Owned, so everyone has more capabilities to do what they need. Discuss big ideas at http://wiki.yak.net/777. There is a New and Accurate Map posted there; it tells the current land use plan. Strick will be offline Mon & Tues; SecondLife will be offline Wed. Have fun!

    by strick:
    gregr, I like the idea of a vehicular sky world. we've had other ideas there as well. what I'd like to see is scripts to build, and to delete, such. It's especially hard to delete random stuff in the sky, without interfering with other stuff on ground. And if they're scripted, we can change and replace them. Of course, the sandbox is good for designing the pieces...

    by strick:
    We're still planning on doing water in the gorge, and waterfall at edge of property, and hiding the cove within. No work has been done on that yet. Some terraforming will be required, so don't do anything to be permanent yet. I expect scripting this will be useful.

    by strick:
    http://wiki.yak.net/793 <-- How to write auto-rezzer objects, like I did for the sandbox sand and the pacman spots


    by melo:
    I've been toying around with blender, trying to get a model done. There's apparently some python scripts that will convert blender models to SL models. I've got comps this week, so it'll take a little bit before I can get it done.

    Also, how tall are the player models?


    by strick:
    avatars seem to be about 2m high, maybe a little more... when I put up railings at 1m above floor, they seem to hit the avatar about in the middle.


    by strick:
    ANTS! We've now got ants!


    by strick:
    http://secondlife.com/developers/mapapi/ -- I've got an object that maps a region; i want to merge the data i collect with the map from the above API ...


    by yoshua:
    After a few weeks of prim-torture, I got the first "public" version of the Yak SkyStation above Yaknetistan Industrial Park up and running. It's mostly done with Blanc Noir's SkyHome Kit, so be patient and wait for the first Yak-grown modules..

    So far, we got: - a Meeting Room with panorama windows - a Sun Deck with a beta version of my Yakkuzi (no bubbles yet) - a Garden Module with trees and a round table - a Heli-Pad (with integrated Skydiving Target) - a giant Pool - a Power Supply Module (with one of the Flat Bottom Reactors.. can someone help me out with the particle system on that one? the particles are steaming up through the heli-pad)

    ... plus my private workshop module, where i will be building and developing new stuff for the station.

    There are three long-distance teleporters installed get to/escape from the Yak SkyStation: - on the ground, near the "9" end of the runway - at the guest entrance on level 1 of the station - at the heli-pad

    I got a few neat features planned, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or flames, IM me inworld.

    Yoshua Mandelbrot


    by strick:
    BLIMPS! We've now got blimps!


    by strick:
    Yak Blimps made it into the latest update of the World Map! e.g. look in Misogada or in Cepphis.


    by strick:
    We're doing another redesign of Bedstraw, mainly the southern half right now. This effort is being lead by Yoshua Mandlebrot.

    My latest hack is an experimental ski lift. The ride is a bit rotational right now, but come try it. Look at Bedstraw 128,120.


    by yoshua:
    In the last few days, Bedstraw has seen a lot of activity. As Strick already mentioned, we were pretty busy redesigning everything south of 128.

    Added features include:

    - Route 69, the Yaknetistan Central Highway. Connects the two Linden roads on the SW and NE corners of Bedstraw by taking the scenic route through Yaknetistan. So saddle your horses and get ready for a ride along the new

    - Sandbox. New, improved, kidney-shaped. A bit smaller than the last two sandboxes taken together, but with enough space to rez huge pre-fab houses, ships or other stuff.

    - Yaknetistan International Airport. Bigger, better, and with a large hangar (courtesy of Mr. Cubey Terra). Please watch out for approaching planes or skydivers!

    - The new New Yak City. We moved it to the border of Bedstraw and Amelia. Not much new stuff here. Well, except for some exceptionally.. uhm.. exceptional architecture by Kaxis Phlox, whom I'd like to thank for all the hard work he's been putting into the redesign of Yaknetistan.

    - The Yak Emporium. Still under construction, but I think the first items "Made in Yaknetistan" have already been put on sale here.

    So, come by anytime and have some fun in the new Yaknetistan!

    Yoshua Mandelbrot.


    by strick:
    Someone messages me: a blimp of yours has landed in my living room, can you remove it please but she doesn't tell where that is...


    by strick:
    How to populate the new sandbox: PutSand(x,y,count) -- where x and y are in units of 4m, and count runs across the y direction.

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