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Discussion #777 Message: 2007-01-27 02.25.22 yoshua

After a few weeks of prim-torture, I got the first "public" version of the Yak SkyStation above Yaknetistan Industrial Park up and running. It's mostly done with Blanc Noir's SkyHome Kit, so be patient and wait for the first Yak-grown modules..

So far, we got: - a Meeting Room with panorama windows - a Sun Deck with a beta version of my Yakkuzi (no bubbles yet) - a Garden Module with trees and a round table - a Heli-Pad (with integrated Skydiving Target) - a giant Pool - a Power Supply Module (with one of the Flat Bottom Reactors.. can someone help me out with the particle system on that one? the particles are steaming up through the heli-pad)

... plus my private workshop module, where i will be building and developing new stuff for the station.

There are three long-distance teleporters installed get to/escape from the Yak SkyStation: - on the ground, near the "9" end of the runway - at the guest entrance on level 1 of the station - at the heli-pad

I got a few neat features planned, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or flames, IM me inworld.

Yoshua Mandelbrot

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