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concert review: Of Montreal at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco

Geoff and I saw 'Of Montreal', an up and coming band, in San Francisco the other night.

Geoff has been listening to Of Montreal for a while, maybe longer than a year. I liked the sound, but I didn't get into it for no particular reason. It's exactly the kind of quirky thing I would like, and the concert we saw cemented that this is probably my band of 2007.

One article I read on the band said something like "what if Frank Zappa and Brian Wilson had a baby?" I don't totally agree with that, as their rhythms and chord progressions aren't quite as musically adventurous as Zappa. I think a more accurate description might be Devo meets Brian Wilson. The harmonies are great, and the instrumentation can be intricate at times. At the same time, it's all very enjoyable pop with enough adventurous points to be interesting.

The band played well with only a couple of off-notes on the bass, and it was very entertaining. They were all to be seen singing along at various points, even when it wasn't necessary; they all seemed to genuinely be having a good time. Of course, that could just be amazing professionalism, but they pulled it off either way. The lead singer is cute and nerdy and was mostly naked for more than half of the show. I was mostly enjoying watching the keyboard player and guitarist having a good time and rocking out.

I think my favorite song of the evening was "I Was Never Young", if only because it reminded me of something a friend told me in high school that I had forgotten about. (At age 15, I was told by several people my age I acted closer to the age of 50 than 15.) I hope their next album(s) take it to the next level with more interesting musical aspects like polyrhythms, odd time signatures, polychordal structures, etc. In the mean time, I highly recommend seeing their great show.


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