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Discussion #777 Message: 2007-02-28 20.15.31 yoshua

In the last few days, Bedstraw has seen a lot of activity. As Strick already mentioned, we were pretty busy redesigning everything south of 128.

Added features include:

- Route 69, the Yaknetistan Central Highway. Connects the two Linden roads on the SW and NE corners of Bedstraw by taking the scenic route through Yaknetistan. So saddle your horses and get ready for a ride along the new

- Sandbox. New, improved, kidney-shaped. A bit smaller than the last two sandboxes taken together, but with enough space to rez huge pre-fab houses, ships or other stuff.

- Yaknetistan International Airport. Bigger, better, and with a large hangar (courtesy of Mr. Cubey Terra). Please watch out for approaching planes or skydivers!

- The new New Yak City. We moved it to the border of Bedstraw and Amelia. Not much new stuff here. Well, except for some exceptionally.. uhm.. exceptional architecture by Kaxis Phlox, whom I'd like to thank for all the hard work he's been putting into the redesign of Yaknetistan.

- The Yak Emporium. Still under construction, but I think the first items "Made in Yaknetistan" have already been put on sale here.

So, come by anytime and have some fun in the new Yaknetistan!

Yoshua Mandelbrot.

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