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dear microsoft, please do better.

The new XBox 360 revision is disappointing to me, at best

Everyone seems to be thinking that this article is the real deal.

What I want from a new, even more expensive 360 (in priority order): -more games being backward compatible -24-bit audio capabilities for the HD-DVD -a built-in HD-DVD

What Microsoft is giving (in order of things that anger me the most): -no support for HD audio (24-bit) that is on most HD-DVDs -a bigger hard drive to lock consumers into their IPTV service -HDMI so as to spread DRM-infection

To their credit, the 360's backward compatibility has taken a more ambitious and satisfying approach than the Wii or the PS3. Neither the Wii nor the PS3 try to upscale or do full-screen anti-aliasing (FSAA) to make the games look better. For the Wii, this may be due to come specific games abusing the layout details of the graphics buffers. Fine, make a black list. If the black list includes some first party Ninendo games, suck it up and give us what we want.

If the Wii or the PS3 beats Microsoft to the punch on supporting more previous-generation games in upscaled resolutions, that's what I'll be buying. For the XBox exclusive titles, of which there are few in my library, I'll just keep my original XBox around that I have never connected to the Live service.

Many of my gamer friends feel this way, it's not just me. Though, I go to greater lengths to try and get what I want via reversing and hex editing :)


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