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book review: Professional Rootkits

My professional acquaintance, Ric Veiler, has written the best book on writing Rootkits I have read.

I worked with Ric Veiler briefly, and then he and I worked in the same small office space afterward. He's a great programmer who can both write great modular code in a variety of languages and environments as well as untie knots of shitty code that are dropped in his lap. He is undervalued, in my opinion, but I'm sure that will change once people read his new book, Professional Rootkits .

Ric takes a conversational tone, making for easy reading. The code in the book is very well-written, not just throwaway crap code like in other books. I really like his real-world example of sniffing someone's PGP passphrase, keeping the book real, focused, and practical.

There are other books in this space by bigger names, but this is the one I recommend to people who want to get started developing in this space, developing good programming habits, and have moved beyond reading the source code for FileMon .


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