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my xbox360 xmas wish

My wish(es) for the rumored Xbox360 Ultimate Edition.

I read a rumor about the Xbox360 Ultimate Edition, which supposedly will have an integrated HD-DVD drive.

Here's hoping it fully supports Dolby TrueHD (and the DTS equivelant). By fully, I mean including support for HDMI 1.3 so the native 18mbps stream can be output to my receiver. By fully, I *do not* mean downmixing it to 16-bits/48khz or AC-3 and calling it a day. The current 360's HD-DVD drive doesn't differentiate on this front, and while Dolby Digital "Plus" is nice, it generally *does not* hold up to lossless HD audio (3mbps for DD+ verus 18mbps for TrueHD).

If they want to give a real alternative to the BluRay in the PS3, this is a good starting point for differentiation. Just integrating isn't enough; otherwise, what's the difference?

PS: On the backward compatibility front, I'll settle for all the games based on the Baldur's Gate and Prince of Persia engines working without issues. I also hope more *non-Live* 2-player co-op games are released. I like playing video games with my husband, and not on separate computers/consoles or entirely in split screen. There aren't even any real adventure games out for the 360 that satisfy this either. plz fix. kthx.


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